A Custom Domain Name for Your Website - A Key to Internet Marketing

Now that you have your own Practice Jewel website, how do you establish your practice on the Internet? Well, there is one easy (and inexpensive) step you can take that will make a difference - acquire your own custom domain name (www.yourpractice.com).

A custom domain name can be a tremendous asset to your Practice Jewel website. When you signed up to the Practice Jewel services you were given a domain name www.massagezone.biz/yourpractice. While this website address is very workable, you will find that your site traffic will increase by providing your clients with a website address that is easier for them to remember like www.yourpractice.com. Registering your own custom domain also has the added benefit of allowing you to relate email addresses to it, for example  janedoe@yourpractice.com.

When you combine a custom domain name with your Practice Jewel website and email hosting, you will receive several benefits:

  • A custom domain name increases your name recognition and allows your friends, relatives and clients to remember how to find your practice on the Internet. In addition, they will be a lot more likely to pass your website on to others, as it is easier to say www.yourpractice.com than it is to remember www.massagezone.biz/yourpractice.
  • A custom domain name leaves a more professional and lasting impression on the Internet visitors.
  • It helps brand your practice and adds a level of trust and integrity to your practice. The email address janedoe@yourpractice.com appears more established and permanent than janedoe@hotmail.com.
  • It helps get your practice a presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Many search engines only index the first page of a domain name, which means your site would be missed without a custom domain name.
  • Acting quickly to secure your custom domain name will prevent a competing practice from registering your business name and profiting from your offline marketing efforts.
  • Email addresses hosted in association with your domain name will not change, even if you switch from Practice Jewel to a different service provider - we don't expect you will but…

A custom domain name clearly adds a level of professionalism for you and your practice on the Internet and simplifies the process for your clients to find your website. For a nominal up front registration fee of $35 per year, you can establish a memorable name for your practice on the Internet. Contact us and we will be happy to get this started for you.