Working with Patient Profiles

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Welcome to the third tutorial in our “Getting Started” series.

In this tutorial, you will learn all about Patient Profiles.

The Patient Section provides you with easy to use tools that are designed to assist with the day-to-day management of patient information. Once entered, the program will use this information to streamline patient administration by automatically populating the relevant information to patient related pages throughout the management system.

 Patient Profile


The Patient area is divided into the following sections:

 - Here you can maintain comprehensive patient profiles including a patient number, contact information, date of birth, occupation, gender, etc.

 - The tools in this section allow you to easily create printable patient invoices and post them to their account where you can track the patient's account payment history. Once you have a patient selected, this area automatically loads a new, blank invoice.

 - In this section you can document and monitor patient treatment activity and progress. From here you can check or update the patient’s general medical history, enter your S.O.A.P. Notes or find and print SOAP notes from a previous session.


To populate your Patient Profiles,

log into your website and navigate to: Patient >>> Profiles


On your first visit, this page automatically opens a new patient profile for you to fill out


Create Patients: To create more new patients, simply click the create new account button 



Once you have created your first patient, the page automatically loads to that patient.

You may switch patients at anytime by clicking on the Find Patient button  .

Use the view icon  to select the patient and you will be taken to their record.


Unless you choose to switch patients, your system will keep you on the same patient record as you switch from profile to accounts or records.


Edit Patients: Once into an existing profile, simply click the edit button  change their information.


Remember to visit our Support Center at if you need assistance.