How to reconcile an insurance claim.

The Third Party billing module enables you to create, reconcile and manage patient insurance claims.

Note: This is an optional module available for an additional fee. To learn more about how to add the module to your account, please call client care at 1 (888) 373-6996 for more information.

When you receive funds from an insurance provider and need to reconcile a treatment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reports >> Insurance

  2. Click on the “Reconcile” tab

  3. If necessary, use the search filters at the top to narrow your list to a specify date range, practitioner, etc.… and click on “Search”

  4. Locate the appropriate treatment in the list, and click the red dollar sign icon to mark the treatment as paid.
This will mark the invoice as paid, and the treatment will now show only when you have the reconcile list set to show paid and unpaid invoices.

Note: If you accidentally mark an incorrect receipt as paid, simply click on the icon again and it should return to “Unpaid” status.