How to keep my Appointment Calender current?

Internet Explorer Browser Settings for current Calendar Appointment Information

Your web browser will often save or "cache" parts of web pages you view to make those pages load faster. Sometimes this can cause display problems when new versions of those pages are put online - In particular, when working with your calendar in the administration area, you will not see appointment changes you make if your browser is not set properly.

To make sure you receive current appointment information on your calendar make sure that you set your browser to "check for the latest version of a page every time."

To define this use the following steps...

Open your browser. Click on the Tools button and select Internet Options from the resulting menu.

From the Internet Options window, select the settings button in the "Browsing History" area.

From the Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window, make sure that under "Check for newer versions of stored pages" you have "every time I visit the web page" selected.

When finished, click the OK button and you will be returned to the internet options window.

Click "OK" once again and your done.

Your browser will now check for the most recent version of the page you are browsing every time you visit.