Setting up Gift Certificates

Setting up Gift Certificates

Offering the online sales of gift certificates, to be used in your practice, is a convenient and cost effective service you can offer your clients and the general public at large. Whether for therapeutic purposes or simply relaxation, massage treatments make a great gift for any occasion.

Practice Jewel allows you to easily promote, sell, deliver and manage the redemption of gift certificates. The gift certificate module works in conjunction with a PayPal merchant account to facilitate the payment of the gift certificate.


Here's How it works...

To enable the sale of gift cards through your website, follow these steps.

Sign-up for a PayPal “Website Payment - Standard” merchant account if you don’t already have one.

 Go to Website Control >>> Clinic Settings

Next, click on the “Options” tab.


Now click the EDIT button.


Enter your PayPal merchant information (email address you used with your PayPal account) under merchant options.

Finally, just click the Save button  at the top of the page.

Now that your PayPal account is ready, we must add a gift certificates page to your website.
Follow these steps to add a certificate page.

Go to Accessories >>> Gift Certificates


Enter a name for your gift certificate page in the text box and click Create.


Go to Website Control >>> My Pages


Click the Edit icon .


Set your page to public view


After clicking the Save button , your new gift certificate page will be available for clients to order certificates from your website.

Use the compass icon  to click and drag your page out of the "parked" area up to the visible pages.