How to create financial reports

How do I view and print financial reports about my practice?"

NOTE: This option is only available to users that have "Administrative" privileges enabled on their user account.

The reports area offers a number of predefined accounting reports that are intended to give you insight into your practice's revenue generation. Revenue reports can be organized in a number of ways, such as by date, by client or by therapist. Here's how it works...

Navigate to Reports >> General Reports

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Select from the list the report you would like to setup by clicking the pencil icon. This will take you to the “filter” tab.

Here you can select the period of time that you want the report to cover by selecting one of the four predefined time period options, or configure a custom date range. You can also select the sub-total criteria from the drop-down menu under "Sub-total by.” Once you have configured this to your liking, click the “save” button.

Next, you can move to the “Options” tab. The information that is included in your report can be changed by selecting (or deselecting) items from the "Include in Report" list. Items with a check mark will be included in the report.

Once you have selected the information that you want included in your report, click the "Save" button.

Click the "Results" tab to view and/or print the new report data.

Note: Reports with very high data volumes may not be viewable directly from the website. If a high-volume report has already been generated once before, a message will appear indicating you can download it from the “Files” tab. If it has not been run, a message will appear letting you know that this report will require time to run, and the system will generate the report for you in the background so that you can come back and download it later.