How to create financial reports

How do I view and print financial reports about my practice?"

NOTE: This option is only available to users that have "Administrative" privileges enabled on their user account.

The reports area offers a number of predefined accounting reports that are intended to give you insight into your practice's revenue generation. Revenue reports can be organized in a number of ways, such as by date, by client or by therapist. Here's how it works...

Navigate to Reports >> General Reports

Select from the list the report you would like to view / print by clicking the View icon

On the resulting page you will be able to view and print the selected clinic report.

The information that is included in your report can be changed by clicking on the "Options" tab and selecting (or deselecting) items from the "Include in Report" list. Each item that you select is then included in the report.

Once you have selected the information that you want included in your report click the "Save" button.

Click the "Results" tab to view and/or print the new report data.

The time period and the way the report is totaled is also select-able by you. To set the report's totaling method click the "Filter" tab and select the sub-total criteria from the drop-down menu under "Sub-total by" heading. Note: A second sub-total can be added to your report by selecting another sub-total criteria from the second drop-down menu.
Now choose the period of time that you want the report to cover by selecting one of the four predefined time period options or set your own date range.

Once you have selected the time period that you want included in the report click the "Save" button.

Click the "Results" tab to view/print the new report data.