How to create a pre-treatment sanitation log

How to create a pre-treatment sanitation log

Your practice management system includes functionality to help you keep track of your health and safety precautions. To create a log of your sanitation activities, follow these steps:

1. Go to Appointment > Patient Appointment.


2. Click on the "Activity Log" button. (Below are screenshots for where to locate it on both the clinic and the month view calendars.)


3. If you have multiple therapists, check that the correct one is selected. (As long as you are logged into your own account, it should default to you automatically.)

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4. Select the appointment you wish to create a log for from the drop down list.

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5. Check all the applicable boxes.


6. Click the "save" button.


That's it! Your log will now be saved to the "Practitioner log" area in the reports section. (You can find more info on that here.)