How to view sent SMS / Text messages

How to view sent SMS / Text messages

Note: All SMS / Text are sent from a generic SMS number, which may change from time to time for fallback or redundancy purposes.

For the convenience of your clients, automatic system messages such as appointment confirmations and reminders can also be sent by SMS / Text, delivering a short text message to the cell phone number in your client’s profile.

From time to time, you may wish to view a previously sent SMS / Text message. To do this, begin by logging into your private administration area.

Once logged in, simply navigate to Communication >>> SMS

Next, adjust the filtering as necessary and click on the ‘Search’ button.

The text entry box at the top allows you to search the phone number, message name and text of the message.

The date range tools allow you to specify a time range to search, while the “All Dates” check box will simply search your entire history.

The “Practitioner” field will allow you to filter to messages related to a specific therapist.

The resulting search will contain the phone number the SMS / Text was sent to, as well as the date and time the SMS / Text message was sent.

When finished searching, the icon beside a specific message will allow you to view the text of the message that was sent. The message pop-up will contain the date and time a message was sent, the number it was sent to, as well as the content of the message.