"How do I book "Over-the-phone" and "In-person" appointment requests?" - Clinic View

The Appointment Section offers a number of calendar driven tools that allow you to schedule and easily communicate patient appointments. Appointments can be scheduled from either the "Monthly" or "Clinic" tabs. Here is how to book an appointment from the clinic view tab.


Navigate to Appointment >>> Patient Appointment.


If your default view is set to "Monthly" please click on the clinic view tab.


Select the desired appointment date .Use the > single-arrows near the top of the calendar to navigate between months if needed.


Next, click on the practitioner name you wish to create a booking for, or on the "Book an appointment" button.


In the resulting popup, begin typing the *client's name in the search box. After entering the first letters of their name, you will notice a suggestion list of client names from your client database matching what you have typed so far. You can select a name now, or continue typing until you see the correct name and select it from the list.

Note: The search box contains a filter icon, which you can set to Name, Health Number, First Name only or Last Name only. If you are not seeing results when typing in your client name, check what your filter is set to. To view further patient information such as contact information, patient number, health number, next visit, last visit, and current account balance, click on the “Show Patient Details” bar to reveal further information.


Use the date and time drop down tools to refine your date and time as necessary. Date will be set automatically to the date you were viewing, so in most cases you will only need to define the appointment time.


Now select a service from the drop down menu.


When finished, click the Book button to save the appointment booking and notify the client. 

Your client's appointment is now reserved for them and this time-slot will no longer be available for bookings. A confirmation email will be automatically sent to the client immediately upon booking and a reminder email will be sent to them 1 day prior to their appointment, unless these settings are changed on the appointment screen before clicking on book.