How to Add Custom Pages to your Website?

How do I create my own customized website pages?"

You can customize your website content by editing the system generated pages to better suite your practice and/or by creating additional practice specific website pages of your own. For example: you may want to add a client testimonial page, a page to promote your therapists' bios and specialties, treatment related pages, etc.

To publish pages to your websites...

Navigate to Website Control >>> My Pages

Click the Add New button .

Choose blank image .

On the resulting page enter a page name (which will be used for site navigation).

Set the page view to public.

Click the Finish button .

The new page will now show up above the "Parked" section of the page management screen.(A "Parked" page is one that does not yet appear on your navigation bar. It can be linked to from another page.
The "Parking Lot" Can also be used to store pages to be activated at a later time.)

Click the move icon and drag to move your page up or down the list to set it's position on the navigation bar.
Drag to the left and right allow you to nest pages under other pages in the navigation.

Now to add content to your new page ...

Click the edit icon beside the new page.

On the resulting page use the page editor to enter your new page content.

When you have finished entering your page content click the Save button .
This is required every time that you create a new page or edit the content on an existing page.

Your new page content will now appear on your website.