How to add 3rd party tracking code

How to add site-wide code to your website:

When using third party validation codes for services such as google analytics, you may sometimes need to insert invisible code on a site wide basis. To do so, follow the steps below.

Note: The code entry fields do not check for errors. If there are errors in the code you enter, unexpected results may occur.

To insert site-wide code, first log into your website and go to Website Control >> Clinic Settings.

Go to the Options tab, then click on the edit button to make changes.

Paste the code into the code box, then click the save icon to save your changes.

How to add page specific code to your website:

You can override your site wide code for a specific page when necessary by following the steps below.

First log into your website and go to Website Control >> My Pages.

Click on the pencil icon for the page you want to edit, then click on the advanced tab.

Click on the Edit icon, then paste the code into the code box at the bottom. If you would like to replace the system wide code on this page, check the appropriate box before saving. Otherwise, your code will simply be added to the existing site-wide code.