Creating an Intake Form Portal

Creating an Intake Form Portal

It is often convenient for both patient and practitioner to get intake forms filled out electronically ahead of time, prior to the appointment. In order to send your patients intake forms, you must first create a parked form portal page.


To do this, first go to Website Control >> My Pages.

From my pages, click on the “Add new”button.

Next, select “Consent Form” from the options on the resulting page.


Finally, click on the “finish” button. That’s it! Now you can send intake forms to patients either at the time of booking, or using the button on their patient profile that says “Send intake forms.”


Note: The form portal is intended to remain as a parked page, so you can add a message to the portal if needed. It will not display forms if you put it into the visible pages section. Forms are only visible on the portal when accessed via a "portal link" received through an intake form e-mail.