How to approve a pending patient intake form

How to approve a pending patient intake form


After a patient fills out an electronic intake form, it will appear automatically in the desktop area of your software where you can review and approve the form. If desired, you can pass your device to the patient once the pending form is open if they forgot to sign or if you'd like them to review their information prior to treatment.


To review a pending form, simply navigate to the desktop area of your software. When you login, this is the area you start out on. If you are elsewhere in the system, simply click "Desktop" on the right of the main menu. (If you do not see the "message center" on the desktop, click here for a tutorial on how to configure this. Once you have the message center setup, you will see your pending forms on the desktop.) Simply click on the pending to view it.



If your patient is in the clinic and the form is unsigned,  you can pass them the form once open and have them review their information and sign before clicking "save and finish" to complete the form.


If you wish to view the form only, you can click "save and edit" and the form will remain pending.


Once the form is completed and saved, it will appear in that patients document list in the Patient > Records area. (You can find more information on how to view the document list here.)