How do I sync with an external calendar?

How do I locate my calendar URL to sync with an external calendar?

Your system allows for syncing appointment schedule with your Apple, Google, and Outlook calendars.

Note: If you are not an administrative user at your practice, you will need to ask one of your administrators to activate this feature for you before following this tutorial.

  1. Go to Website Control > User Accounts

  2. Click the pencil icon for the therapist you wish to configure syncing for.

  3. Click on the setup tab.

  4. Depending on your clinic configuration, you may also see a “Setup” button you can click to determine the type of information that will be synced to your calendar. If you do not see the "Setup" button, skip to step 6.
  5. Select the appropriate options from the resulting pop-up and save.

    First name, Last initial -- The patient’s First name and Last Initial will be displayed.
    Full Name -- The patient’s full name will be displayed.
    No name -- No patient information will be displayed.

  6. Scroll down to personal settings and copy your “Subscription Link." You can now go to your favourite calendar software and add this link as a new calendar.
Warning: It is recommended that private calendar subscription links are not shared with anyone not authorized to view confidential patient information.