How to set my default appointment display?

3 different ways that you can view your appointment information

They are...

- A "Clinic-wide" view of appointment activity. This display will show day by day appointment information for all therapists in the clinic. Each therapist has a dedicated column on the display where their appointments are displayed. For clarity, each therapist column is color-coded. In addition, this display gives you direct access to view appointment notes. - This display is ideal for viewing more then one therapists' appointment activity on the same screen.

- A monthly view of a therapist's appointment activity. This at-a-glance display lets you see the monthly appointment activity on a per therapist basis. For multiple therapist clinics, a drop-down menu is provided to move from therapist calendar to therapist calendar. - This display is ideal for viewing how your month's appointment activity is progressing.

- This display allows you to view the appointment activity (historical and future) on a client by client basis. The default appointment view can be defined on a therapist by therapist basis.

To define your default view...

Navigate to Website Control >>> User Accounts

Click the Edit icon on the user account you wish to change.

On the resulting page click the Setup tab .

Select the appointment view Clinic, Month or Client you wish the system to use as a default for your account. In the case of choosing the "Clinic" view you should also select the therapists that should appear on the view by default.

Note: Only those users with "Administrative" privileges will be allowed to view other therapist's calendars.

Click the Save button .

The new default appointment settings are now active.

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