How to Add Specialty Services to a Therapist's Calendar

"Can I assign services to individual therapists without them showing up on all of the other therapist's calendars?"

Specialty services that are unique to an individual therapist can be added to the therapist's user account. Once entered, these specialty services will only be applied to that therapist's appointment calendars. This allows you customize each therapist's calendar if required.

Therapist specialty services are added by...

1. Navigate to Website Control  >>> User Settings
2. Click the edit icon () beside the therapist account that you want to add the service to.

3. On the resulting page click the "Services" Tab.

4. Complete the appropriate fields to define the types of treatments offered, the treatment duration and their costs.
5. Click the "Save" button.

The therapist's public and administration appointment calendars will now reflect the new service offerings.