Working With Clinic Settings

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Welcome to the second tutorial in our “Getting Started” series.

In this tutorial you will learn about  Clinic Settings.

The Clinic Settings Section is a collection of information about the general operations of your practice.
Once entered, this information will automatically be used to setup your appointment calendar and other clinic specific modules throughout the system.

To configure your Clinic Settings log into your website and navigate to:

Website Control >>> Clinic Settings


The Clinic area is divided into the following section tabs:

- Enter clinic contact information, which is used to customize various printable forms such as client invoices, consent forms, etc. Important information includes therapist's registration number, telephone and fax numbers, street address, etc.

- Enter your practice's business hours for each day of the week. This information is used to automatically configure your public and private appointment booking tools. Do not worry about blocking off time for lunch, holidays and other recurring breaks, as they are and handled from the calendar itself.

- Define your service offerings and rates. This information is used in the accounting section of the product to create client invoices. The calendar section will also take advantage of this information to determine the length of an appointment for a given service.

- Identify the appropriate taxes and their rates for your area. This information is used in the accounting section of the product in the creation of client invoices. You may also enable or disable one or multiple taxes on a specific service from the services tab.

- Create and control the client or payment types you would like to have available. Payment types define what sort of payments are available in the invoicing sections of the website. These usually include this like Cash, Cheque, Debit, and Credit Cards. Client Types are generally used to indicate whether a client is active or inactive, but can be used for a variety of other functions as well. These will be used in the Client Profile section of the website.


Once your clinic settings are setup, you may wish to define the hours and services of individual therapists.
For information on how to add another therapist to your clinic, visit our knowledgebase.

You may also need to block some off specific time slots for lunch breaks and holidays.
For more information on how to do this, visit our knowledgebase.

Remember to visit our Support Center at if you need assistance.